The wood bases are made out of solid wood stock. All cutting, gluing, routing, staining and finishing are done by me. Several coats of sprayed urethane and light sanding give it an ultra smooth finish.

All fixtures are attached to cylinder by drilling and them tapping hole to allow fixtures to thread in. Cylinder valve is securely mounted to base with #10 screws and hollow threaded rod that allows wires to pass through.


EMAIL:  fixitkev@aol.com


These lamps are completely hand crafted. The wood for each lamp is custom cut, routed, stained and finished. The wood bases are made of 5/4" Oak. Mahogany can be an option based on availability. All modifications of valve to control light and installation of USB charge port is done by me. Some of the lighting fixtures are custom assembled. Custom images on shades are also personally hand crafted. Plaques can be added for personalizing.




     Thanks for taking the time to check out my web page. I have added a twist to an old idea of converting a cylinder into a lamp. The cylinder valve turns the light on and off. I have also added a USB charge port. Lamp shades can be decorated with custom decals. Different lighting options available.


      I would love to hear from you. Thought these lamps might make good retirement or promotional gifts for the firefighter in your life. A unique gift for anyone. Questions, comments, or suggestions see link below.


A big thank you to Fred and Liz from Coastal Fire Systems Inc. for allowing me to display my SCBA Lamp in their booth at the recent 2018 Fire Rescue Mega Show in Brentwood, Long Island. Thank you to the entire Coastal staff for their support.

It was a great experience to meet and speak with many wonderful people over the weekend. So many people had such nice things to say about my lamps. I am truly honored that people expressed an interest in giving my lamps as gifts to family members as well as some of the most senior and honored members in their respective departments. I look forward to speaking with you again.

All electrical components are UL approved. Light assemblies are either brand new or rebuilt. Lamps are carefully wired and properly grounded. Must be plugged into grounded outlet. USB charger is always on as long as plugged in. Light is activated by spinning valve on cylinder.

I recently learned a technique that allows me to add images to a lampshade. Virtually any image can be used. This image is translucent and light passes through. Visit my Pinterest page for more photos.