My name is Kevin McCabe and I have worked in the fire service for 25 years. Over that time I have attended many company dinner dances, promotion ceremonies, retirement parties etc. Part of these  events is the recognition of someone’s accomplishment within the service. A gift is almost always presented to such honorees. The gift is generally a plaque in the shape of a Maltese cross, a chromed axe, a helmet and badge mounted to a board or some other dressed up piece of fire department equipment. While I watched these gifts being presented I always felt happy and proud for the honoree, usually a friend of mine or an officer I had worked under. I often wondered where the gift would be displayed when it was taken home. When I was fortunate enough to get myself promoted I received my own plaque and soon found out. The plaque was put aside until an appropriate area was set up to display it along with some training certificates I had earned. Many years later it is still packed away. As time passed by the task of setting up the display wall was pushed to the back burner and eventually fell out of site and out of mind.

     After a change in my work location I found myself in possession of an out dated Scott cylinder and started thinking about something to do with it. Aside from the helmet and bunker gear the Scott cylinder is one of the most recognizable and widely used pieces of firefighting equipment. During a firefighters career the SCBA can be donned several thousand times. With this in mind I began to think of ideas. The idea of a lamp was nothing new to me. I had seen fire extinguishers and scuba bottles converted to lamps using standard lamp hardware. I wanted to improve on that idea. A suggestion to keep the valve at the bottom set me on my way. I then wanted to use the cylinder valve to operate the light itself. As I started piecing things together it began to take shape. A rough first build was done. I had my cylinder mounted on a trophy like base with a flexible light fixture mounted near the top. A quad USB charge receptacle was then added to the base. I now had a functional desk lamp with USB charger. Using a nicer grade wood and a cleaner cylinder gave it a sharper appearance. I now thought that a personalized plaque could be added and it could then be given as a gift to be displayed and used. 

     Any inquiries can be made by emailing me at, just write SCBA Lamp in the subject line. Any suggestions comments or criticisms are appreciated. I am looking for feedback on what I've built negative or positive. Contact: 917-365-0553