When I started building the lamp it was purely to see if I could make one that looked a bit different than all the other lamps I had seen before. What I mean is I had seen fire extinguishers and scuba cylinders as well as a variety of other items converted into lamps.I wanted something a bit different. I came up with a way to mount the cylinder  with the valve at the bottom and to use the valve to actually turn on the light. I used a cheaper grade wood in the earlier prototypes. As I tweaked the idea and the design with regards to prepping parts and mounting the valve to running wires and to adding the USB charge receptacle it took on a nice appearance. This was especially true when I started using better types of wood. It reminded me of the type of base a large trophy would have. That gave me the thought and idea that a plaque could be added to personalize it and maybe given as a gift. I also learned that a wide variety of lighting could be used as well. The last innovation to the project was I learned how to transfer images onto a lamp shade and have them illuminated when the light is turned on.

     The only downside is the cost of the project. In addition to the basic materials of wood, electrical fittings, shades etc. I have to acquire the cylinders as well. Then comes the tremendous amount of time it takes to cut, rout,drill, stain, finish etc all of the components to bring it all together.